Preferred Clients (PC) are those who:

1     Appreciate this environment & Abide by the 'Conditions of Entry'. 

2     Complete the online or onsite registration correctly & completely. 

3     Wear their FH ID visibly & promote this place to others.

4     Support us as members, clients &/or volunteers.

       Preferred Members (PM) are those who:

1     Invite Newbies (Max 5/day for FREE ) to accompany you here. 

       The Newbies must register online 24 hrs head & to qualify.

2     Earn 10% credit/cash for each new member who identifies you in 'HDYGTKU?'  
       Or Get a FREE added year for 10 New Members who join us, using your code.
3     Keep your rate as a (PM); when you register & pay by April 1st. of each year.

Designed to suit your needs, from FREE to $500. Register on-line or call us.

Make $1 to $300 just for inviting your friends to:

Register & visit FisHaven for FREE.

How Do You BEGIN?

  1. Start by reading through our website:
  2. Register on-line with us, include a 4-8 character code (eg. Pete2040 or Mary1852), your intentions to promote us & visit the site & us, at least once.
  3. Invite NEWBIES (adults 18/+ who have not been here before) to register online, at least 24 prior to visit. Give them your CODE for a FREE visit.
  4. They must use your code in the ‘Referred by’ box on the online registration.
  5. Then visit FisHaven, pick up their FH ID and enjoy the place for FREE.

If 1 to 300 Newbies do that, YOU get $1 to $300… Immediately. NO Kidding!
How’s that for a way to earn $s? NO tricks, NO sales travel, NO expense, just your time, talent & goodwill.

If the Newbies that you invite, enjoy our place & become Members for $300 to $500, you get $30 to $50; credit turned to cash after a year of them being with us. This is because they are allowed to up & downsize at any time in the year. See RATES.

HOW & WHERE to promote

  1. Through Social Media; facebook, twitter, email, blogs, chat lines, to family & friends, even local businesses may be approached for flier distribution in your area.
  2. Give our Business Cards, away, don’t forget to place your code on them.

We would like to bring a lot of people together for good Fishing, Fun & Fellowship.

Your job is to get them here to satisfy their desire to fish & enjoy a peaceful, natural setting & our mission. We ALL win.

If you have any questions, please feel free to text, email or call us.

Thanks & God Bless!
Marilyn & Victor
647 834 2046 (M-F: 9 am to 9 pm)