1  Newbie with you, & he/she gets 20% off,..@ $40 & you pay pay $20.
2  Newbies with you & each get 40 % off,.… @ $30 each 
& you pay $20.

3  Newbies with you & each get 60 % off,….@ $20 each, & you get it FREE.

4  Newbies with you & each get 80 % off,.… @ $10 each, 
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:5  Newbies with you & ALL GET 100 % off: .....it's FREE!
Invite your friends; Newbies* to  ACCOMPANY YOU  here and
Enjoy discounts from 50% to 100% off the regular rate.

ENGLISH, is the official version. 

* Newbies (Adults; who have never been here before) may become SPONSORS themselves After they have visited & liked FisHaven.


Pick a convenient date & time for ALL to visit TOGETHER.
    Each adult must register: 

         1   individually online 48 hrs in advance;

         2   include dependents (YOUR children, living at home) if any,

         3   and they must name you as their sponsor

Upon receipt of your registrations, we will email you a Special Entry Coupon.

Your party, upon entry, must come to the residence TOGETHER. 
      Trade your Special Entry Coupon at the residence for your FH ID.

           & then Enjoy your visit here.

Thank You for participating in the program, where we all WIN;

You strategize; Your friends benefit  &  We all grow.

Conditions & Offer/s are subject to change without notice or bonus.

Marilyn & Victor Carvalho

Email: victor@FisHaven.com

647 834 2046

For those who visit Fishaven & like it, but can't afford it

Become a SPONSOR

FROM  $50  to  FREE: 2017 ID + ENTRY

 for your convenience.