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ENGLISH, is the official version. 

Caritas Home Care: We are here to serve you and your loved ones; especially when you cannot be there to do the same.

Ex: of what a Temporary ID looks like.


In order to same time on site:

Complete the registration as well as possible and submit it so that we have all your information to be able to go ahead and prepare your ID and present it to you upon your arrival.

PAY on line; prior to arrival or on site with cash upon arrival .

PRINT a copy or a screen shot of your registration as proof of 'compliance'.

​Thanks & God Bless! Marilyn & Victor

Ex: of what a NON MEMBER ID looks like.

Email us: to Etransfer payment to us from your bank to ours.

2017 coupons are valid for this year & are NOT transferable.
Coupons may be refunded within the year of purchase & will be prorated against the number of Coupons used; Ref: 2017 RATES.

NOTE: Prices and conditions are subject to change without notice or/& bonus.

NOTE: If your Contact is a Member; He/she gets a 10% credit, when you become one.

NOTE: Wear your FH ID on site, visibly.