for your convenience.

ENGLISH, is the official version. 


There are three thoughts  that I would like to share with you:

1     We have made equal to or more income than last year to date with the fewer patrons.

2     We feel sorry for not being able to effectively communicate (language and network barrier) with all so that you too can enjoy this place as much as we, and those who come, do.


First of all, if you wish; tell us how & what might we help do so (in English), please do.


I believe that all of YOU (on out list) can make this happen, if we start with those. who are interested in coming here; come and bring their friends as well. That would be sufficient.

know that we really :

1     Want you all to enjoy this place; NOT abuse it by litter, smoke, drink, over fishing,...

2     Pay your dues upon arrival so that we do not have to monitor that. 

3     Enjoy the place as if were your own; we appreciate it and so do many others.

4     Do NOT enter the premises, if you do not have a FH ID. Trespass ruin it for all.

Here is our challenge to YOU; each one of you on our email list and your friends who register with us through you, could:

Get a FH ID FREEby Sept 8, 2015. That is our gift to you for being on our mailing list.

You need do nothing more. The FH ID is yours to keep  & use as per online conditions.

NOW the EXPERIMENT: (Get the next 10 FREE days for participating).

(For all on our mailing list; others may participate by YOU inviting them to do so.)

WHAT IF, YOU join us for $300 a year per adult; come 30 to 90 visits in 365 days.

That would enable us to provide you with a place; to relax, reflect, picnic, just enjoy  with your family & friends; almost as if it were yours. Abide by conditions & encourage others to do so too.

Getting away from the city and enjoying this serene place has been the common tread among all who come here.

In my entire life, I have not witnessed, served nor interacted with such a varying mix of cultures, traditions, religions, nationalities. Great joy & blessings but difficult to  communicate with. Even  'Google Fish' has proved ineffective.

So what is the challenge:  We need you and your help to overcome that.

1  I would want YOU all to register at $300 for the year and tell me how many times would be fair for you to enter from 30 to 365.

I would accept the average, decide that in next 30 days; during which time you may come here at NO CHARGE.

If not, I will refund your money plus $30 for your trouble and not have charged you for your visits during that time.

2   In order to qualify for the above you would have to have registered and paid for it online  by September 8, 2015 and you may on doing so ; come daily, if you wish and this will all be considered at NO charge to YOU, should the experiment not work.

For it to work; I would have had to get sufficient (100) adults sign up in 10 days or

else no deal; Money of those who have paid up will be refunded or used towards the regular deal, as on our website or choose a refund and we will give you all your money back; even if you have come here every day since  then.