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You, your associates, and/or dependents agree to the following:

A  FisHaven ID must be worn visibly on site.
Register and Pay for an FH ID online, or Call/Text us: 647 834 2046.

Your FH ID is for your own use and identification. Not Transferable.
Enter & leave the property during daylight hours.
TEXT US upon arrival: “Come”, and departure: “Gone”.
Supervise and be responsible for your dependents at all times.
Be photographed, videoed and recorded for security and advertising use.
NOT smoke, consume alcohol, do drugs, litter, be noisy or bring in pets.
NOT hold CatholicLand/FisHaven; its Owners/Management responsible
for any loss/injury to person/property whatsoever.
Follow the directives or leave, if asked by Management;
no refund or re-entry, for breach of ‘Conditions’.