for your convenience.

ENGLISH, is the official version. 

Welcome to Catholicland  /  FisHaven for:

Faith, Fun, Fish & Fellowship; the best 'natural' experience around.

You &/or your associates agree to:

  1. Enter the property at your own risk, during daylight hours; dawn to dusk.
  2. Wear your FH ID visibly while onsite.
  3. Register & pay at residence, upon arrival; whether you fish or not.
  4. Abide by the rules & be responsible for your dependents & registrants.
  5. Supervise your children at all times. Children under 4 are free.
  6. Be photographed &/or video recorded & be placed on our 'Photo ID poster'.
  7. NOT smoke, drink alcohol, litter, make noise, or bring pets here.
  8. NOT hold Catholicland/FisHaven; its owners, managers, associates liable / accountable for injury &/or loss to person &/or property, for any reason.
  9. Coupons &/or IDs are not transferable & valid only for the year..
  10. Return the ID (which remain the property of CL/FH) to us, upon request.


  1. FH IDs help us identify our clients & allows for better security.
  2. MEMBERS may drive & park inside, if & when the road is dry & safe.
  3. 1st Timers; register online, FREE when Member sponsored & accompanied.
  4. The LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR is for your convenience; ENGLISH, remains the official version.

Thanks & God Bless!  

Marilyn & Victor Carvalho:   647 834 2046


Do NOT Trespass. Property under VIDEO SURVEILLANCE

NO Litter, Smoke, Alcohol or Pets.