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We are open as of now; May 16, 2020

However, due to the severity of the pandemic, we wish to limit the numbers coming in, & therefore we will give preference to  MEMBERS & then NEWBIES and others.

Times are very volatile & we are subject to change without notice.

Register & pay ONLINE, NO cash or personal contact onsite.

Those entering the property MUST abide by OUR guidelines and the ONTARIO & CANADIAN ones as well.

This is a matter of Life & Death. We should all take this seriously.

CONDITIONS are as follows:

  1. Do not enter the property if you are unwell, have signs of infection or have been out of the country in the past 3 months.
  2. Physical distancing: >2 meters apart; 1 person; max 2 per dock.
  3. Bring your own seat, water, hand sanitizer…
  4. No tables, garbage bins or washrooms available for now.
  5. Please take your garbage home with you. No littering!
  6. Do not enter the residence nor put cash in the box.
  7. We are going virtual: No coupons, no cash, no body contact…
  8. Just text us at 647 834 2046 upon your arrival, from YOUR phone.
  9. Wear your ID visibly while on site.
  10. Please cooperate or be denied entry with NO REFUND.