ALL SUNDAYS are FREE for NEWBIES from 5 pm to sundown. Adults 18 yrs and over must register on-line 24 hours prior to arrival to qualify. 

If you still want to come back on Sundays for FREE after your 1st Visit; YOU invite 5 to 10 NEWBIES to register on-line, use your name as reference & you must accompany them. NO Charge to all in your group.


A 'Preferred Client' can bring 5 to 10 Newbies here for FREE anyday. 

EACH person in that group must REGISTER ONLINE (24hr ahead) and use you as their reference. 
They get a FH ID & Entry; worth $50/person for FREE.

NOTE: If any of these Newbies become Members and list you as their reference, you get a $30 credit per Member, for the following year.

Regular Rates apply if the above criteria is NOT met.

​​Members may Sponsor Newbies any day for FREE.

Provided the Newbie/s Register/s online 24 hrs prior to visit

and are accompanied by the Member. (MSA)