Preferred Clients (PC) are those who:

1     Appreciate this environment & Abide by the 'Conditions of Entry'. 

2     Complete the online or onsite registration correctly & completely. 

3     Wear their FH ID visibly & promote this place to others.

4     Support us as members, clients &/or volunteers.

       Preferred Members (PM) are those who:

1     Invite Newbies (Max 5/day for FREE ) to accompany you here. 

       The Newbies must register online 24 hrs head & to qualify.

2     Earn 10% credit/cash for each new member who identifies you in 'HDYGTKU?'  
       Or Get a FREE added year for 10 New Members who join us, using your code.
3     Keep your rate as a (PM); when you register & pay by April 1st. of each year.

Designed to suit your needs, from FREE to $500. Register on-line or call us.

A 'Preferred Client/Member' may coordinate Church groups / extended Families for a day; picnic, fishing, BBQ, retreat,.. as per these rates.

1   'PC/M' registers & pays for all, 2 wks ahead of visit. Provides list.

2   Each Adult registers with PC/M's 'DATE & CODE'; > 1 wk ahead.


​3   The PC may keep leftover coupons for own use only. NO Refunds.​

4   Those who do not follow the above, pay regular rates on-site.

​5   For every 10 Coupons paid for in advance, you get 1 FREE.