Preferred Clients (PC) are those who:

1     Appreciate this environment & Abide by the 'Conditions of Entry'. 

2     Complete the online or onsite registration correctly & completely. 

3     Wear their FH ID visibly & promote this place to others.

4     Support us as members, clients &/or volunteers.

       Preferred Members (PM) are those who:

1     Invite Newbies (Max 5/day for FREE ) to accompany you here. 

       The Newbies must register online 24 hrs head & to qualify.

2     Earn 10% credit/cash for each new member who identifies you in 'HDYGTKU?'  
       Or Get a FREE added year for 10 New Members who join us, using your code.
3     Keep your rate as a (PM); when you register & pay by April 1st. of each year.

Designed to suit your needs, from FREE to $500. Register on-line or call us.

Preferred Members may invite Newbies to become

Members @ $300, with your CODE & you earn $30/member.


Coordinators may Purchase Multiple Memberships

themselves at the above rates

Etransfer the Total amount selected by you to us

with the list of purchasers.

You may sell each Membership for up to $300

or on the sliding scale & keep the difference,

for your hard work or use discounts for your group.

Then, ​each Adult in your group should register online,

indicate your CODE as reference, in lieu of payment.

We will provide them an ID & 25 Coupons/Visits.​

NOTE: These Coupons are valid ONLY for the current year

Coupons have No Refunds or Cash Value​.

Preferred Clients/Members

&/or Our Promotional Team

may invite NEWBIES

to register for Memberships for up to 50% OFF our Rates.

In order to get started please register online & indicate your desire to join our PT. 
We will then provide you with proper identification & protocol to proceed.
The flexible pricing allows YOU to buy over
10 Memberships at 1/2 price.​​