Rates; Designed to suit your needs, from FREE to $500. Register & Pay on-line.

       Preferred Clients (PC) are those who:

1     Appreciate this environment & Abide by the 'Conditions of Entry'. 

2     Complete the online or onsite registration correctly & completely. 

3     Wear their FH ID visibly & promote this place to others.

4     Support us as members, clients &/or volunteers.

       Preferred Members (PM) are those who:

1     Invite Newbies (Max 5/day for FREE ) to accompany you here. 

       The Newbies must register online 24 hrs head & to qualify.

2     Earn 10% credit/cash for each new member who identifies you in 'HDYGTKU?'  
       Or Get a FREE added year for 10 New Members who join us, using your code.
3     Keep your rate as a (PM); when you register & pay by April 1st. of each year.

​​Support our environment and get the best rate!

Become a FisHaven.com Member with the purchase of 25 coupons or more per adult. 

A Membership will entitle you to the following privileges:

1   A FREE ID (value $30) with a clip / lanyard.

2   FAST-TRACK (< 1 minute) entry, which gives you more time to enjoy.

3   Easily identified as a member with benefits; especially in our absence.

4   Inside parking on dry days, picnic, bbq,  boat launch,...

5   Invite 'newbies' to join you for FREE OR Come on their own @ $10/Adult. 

     Provided they register online, 24 hrs ahead of visit to qualify.

     Use your CODE (3 letter & mid ph#; Ex: Vic834).

     Max 5 Newbies a day... Max 150 a season. 

For each one who becomes a member, using your code; you get 10% Cash/credit. 10 become Members & you get 1 FREE MEMBERSHIP.