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Dear Friends,

COVID-19 has taken a toll on all of us.

According to the Ontario Government you are permitted to fish; 

as long as you have access to a Fishing place. 

They don't have a problem as long as you keep to the 
COVID-19 conditions; esp. 'physical distance' & personal hygiene.

We have that Fishing place, but cannot technically charge you $$ to access it. How then, are we to survive & pay our bills?

Harmonizing the above; during C-19, we chose to offer our:

NEWBIES        $30        FH ID                &    1   FREE day visit.     

MEMBER 1     $300   + FH ID (FREE)    &   10  FREE day visits. 

MEMBER 2     $500   + FH ID (FREE)    &    20  FREE day visits.

MEMBER 3  $1,000   + FH ID (FREE)    &    Seasonal Boat Slip.   

(We might extend the privileges in time to come)      

Understanding the above, 'OurGift2U' will make sense.

Please enjoy the peace and serenity of this place.

However, if we are stopped for whatever reason; then we shall have to abandon OurGift2U & end this program.

Then, patiently wait, once again, for the 'Fishing business' to open.

​There are NO REFUNDS to our Membership.

Review the COVID-19, Conditions then Register. See links above.

Thanks for your support & understanding!

God Bless!

Victor Carvalho

Text or call me @ 647 834 2046