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(Updated: July 30, 2015)  ONE DAY TO GO FOR A FREE FISHAVEN.COM ID.

Hi Folks! 

We are so excited to have so many people, like yourself, sign up online for their FisHaven IDs (FREE) or/& our Memberships; $300/1 year; 30 coupons (visits).

You must Pick up your ID in person, by 6 pm, July 31, 2015 to get it FREE. Thereafter, a cost of $30, for an FH ID, would apply; but with a membership the FH ID would still be FREE till Aug 31.

You must have your FH ID visibly worn to enter the grounds after Aug 1, 2015 ; to protect your interests & ours. Thereafter; without one, you should not even ENTER the grounds.

Get your FH ID, then go to 'SPECIAL OFFERS', under the 'Rates' link.

MEMBERSHIP gives you the best option, with the joy of knowing that you, not only appreciate this place, but support as well.

We have spent close to $1,000,000 to date and ask each 'member' to pay $300 per person for a one year; 365 days from the date you join & enjoy the benefits; you get 30 visits per person.

Follow link on-site 'MEMBERS' link for more details or to register.

Once a member, you could introduce other to our place; let 'newbies' accompany FREE each time that you visit. Should they join us as members; you get a 10% credit at renewal for each one who has done so with you as reference.

Our site is updated regularly; review the pages online. See you soon.

If you wish to invite your friends, feel free to 'forward' this email or link: to them; tell them for a FREE ID that they too can get by Friday July 31, 2015.

Thanks & God Bless you all!  
Marilyn & Victor Carvalho
For more information or to register go to or call us.
647 834 2046  or  905 836 5928  (9 am to 6 pm). Type your paragraph here.