Q:   Why do I need an FH ID to enter the property?

A:   Having an FH ID to enter, has improved our security & yours. 

In our earlier years (2007-9) we lost over $30,000 by trespassers who TRESPASSED.

Having an ID to enter, & installing a VIDEO SURVEILLANCE security system; has curbed that.

Q:   What is the maximum coupons that one could buy?

A:    If after you have spent $500 worth per adult; You need not buy any more. 

       Thereafter, your visits are FREE for the rest of the year; Spring to Fall.

Q:   Can I buy more coupons at a preferred price after the 30 day period?

A:    Yes , you can for $10 per coupon for 10 or multiple thereof.

       However if a better price exists; you may opt for that instead.

Q & A

Q:   Who is a Newbie?

A:   A Newbie is a First Timer; Once you have been here, you are not a Newbie!

Q:   Why no smoke, drugs and alcohol; even in the open air, on the property?

A:   The effect of 'Drugs, Alcohol & Smoking' tend to disrupt this otherwise serene place.

       Please cooperate and help make this place better, by your presence & participation.