when Sponsored & Accompanied by a Member.

1/2 day visit & FH ID is $25/person

Register online, 24 hrs prior to visit. 

NOTE: ​PREFERRED CLIENT: are those who:

1     Abide by the "Conditions of Entry". 

2     Embrace and promote this environment.

3     Use all their BASIC coupons bought.

4     Sponsor family & friends (Newbies) to register & come; FREE.

5     Earn 10% credit on each new member who identifies you in 'HDYGTKU?'.

       Get 10 New Members and your next year's Membership is FREE.

6     Get last year's rates as a PREFERRED MEMBER.

​​​BEST DEAL > ​75% OFF:


​​​* You get 30 BASIC Coupons $300. 
Return unused Coupons anytime in 2018 for $10/Coupon, OR
Use them all & get up to 30 BONUS Coupons FREE; No cash value.

For those who BOUGHT the BEST DEAL in 2018 & used the basic 30 coupons, and were members in good standing may get the same deal in 2019, provide they do so on line by April 15, 2019

​or the new rates would apply.

Preferred Client. Pay 'last year's rates'