Basically our RATES Range from $0 to $500; tailored to suit YOUR needs.

Preferred Client. Pay 'the least'., Because, they appreciate us & we, them.

Retain your last years rate as a Preferred Member. Sign up & pay ON-LINE/ON-SITE.


You (as a 'Preferred Client') may bring a group of 5 to 10. 

They must accompany you on a given day; that you choose.
You pay for all of them @$20 or less per day per person and the leftover coupons if returned, will be as per Rate Schedule & the loss of your Preferred Client status or you may use them for your visits here THIS year. NO Refunds.

NOTE: ​PREFERRED CLIENT (PC): are those who:

1     Complete the form correctly & Completely. 

2     Abide by the "Conditions of Entry". 

3     Embrace and promote this environment.

4     Use all their Coupons bought; NO RETURNS/REFUNDS.

5     Sponsor family & friends (Newbies) to register & come; FREE.

6     Earn 10% credit on each new member who identifies you in 'HDYGTKU?'.

       Get 10 New Members and your next year's Membership is FREE.

7     Get last year's rates as a PREFERRED MEMBER (PM).

8     As a PM you may bring Newbies here each time that you visit; they should register online 24 hrs in advance and accompany you to qualify @ 1C/Newbie; This is the only exception to using your coupons as a MEMBER for another ENTRY.