NOTE: ​PREFERRED CLIENT (PC): are those who:

1     Abide by the "Conditions of Entry". 

2     Embrace and promote this environment.

3     Use all their BASIC coupons bought.

4     Sponsor family & friends (Newbies) to register & come; FREE.

5     Earn 10% credit on each new member who identifies you in 'HDYGTKU?'.

       Get 10 New Members and your next year's Membership is FREE.

6     Get last year's rates as a PREFERRED MEMBER (PM).

7     As a PM you may bring as many as 10 Newbies here each time that you visit; they should register online 24 hrs in advance and accompany you to qualify.

Welcome aboard!  

We invite you to:

​1   register on-line & Agree to the 'Conditions of Entry': 

2   Place your registration copy & cash (if not pre-paid on-line by etransfer)
     at residence, upon arrival.

      (Receive your FH ID to wear visibly while on site.)

3   Enjoy your visit,... Go Fish, relax or retreat!

The FH ID permits you to enter our property, even in our absence & helps us recognize those who are allowed to be here, as opposed to those trespassing. 
All IDs and COUPONS are NON-TRANSFERABLE, good for 2018 & remain the property of FisHaven; Must be returned upon request by Administration.

REFUNDS OF UNUSED COUPONS: are based on your purchase rate of coupons used. See RATES.

(Purchase rate) - (rate based on the coupons used) = (REFUND)
Likewise, if we want the Coupons back, we will prorate you as above; and give you the difference in exchange for the unused ones.

Become a MEMBER with its many privileges to enjoy the place.
Help us grow by your participation and promotion. You get the best rates too.
To register for a Membership, choose 30 coupons or more per year.

Invite friends to join you & identify you as their sponsor & earn credits for next year.

Violation of the Conditions by you or your guests may warrant removal from site, with NO refunds, bonus, pre-notice or benefits.

Go to 
register on-line.

Thanks & God Bless! Marilyn & Victor 647 834 2046