We have had bad experiences with renting our boats to 'drop ins' in the past 10 year so we decided to rent only to our Members in good standing.

Although, renting a boat can be fun, enjoyable and relaxing, it can also be dangerous so we ask for your careful considerations to abiding by our policies.

When you rent a boat be aware of the:


IN ADDITIONS to the above:

WE add to that, that your safety jacket must be worn at all times; if necessary buy your own for personalized comfort and upgraded features.

Stay within sight of our location and travel West towards Bradford so to facilitate your return; going East may drag you towards the lake and away from us; in the even of sudden. inclement weather; you may not be able to easily return to safety and our place.

NOTE: We do NOT have a way of assisting you ourselves, should you need our help. You may have to do so at your own expense.

Our boats may only be rented from 8 am to 5 pm (10 hrs)

Have no more that 2 or 4 persons; depending on capacity allowed, agility and age.

Do NOT consume alcohol before or during the rental period.

Do NOT invite others to enter the boat; restricted only to those Members designated.

If you are alone, then you are allowed to be no further than a km from our location.

You must have a working, well powered cell phone with you and registered with us.

Give us a contact name and phone number for reference and emergency purposes.

We hope to buy a pontoon boat and take our Members from time to time on mini river tours in the future.