Updated: APRIL 24, 2018

We are open from sunrise to sunset; each day of the week to allow you the opportunity to Recreate, Reflect and Renew your love for nature and one another.

REGISTER & identify yourselves annually and pay per visit or by the season.

Please, NO smoke, drugs, alcohol, litter, abuse of any kind; just Relax & Recover.

We feel blessed and obligated to serve you.

Come and enjoy the serenity of our place.

Within an hour from Toronto                

Use 'Google Translator' to view our site in: YOUR OWN LANGUAGE.  [😊]
Crappie are Spring and Fall fish and are here for the catch. 

Large Crappie have also been taken home by our people.

Followed by pike,...

CARP LOVERS! Hurry! Get your catch;

Our Lagoon is filled with them. See Video!

Bass are caught here in June after the season is open and are my favorite

Your 'feedback' is appreciated.